Always be yourself

A couple of months ago I was asked by a woman to paint a pet portrait as a gift for her husbands birthday. Of course I was delighted. Nothing makes me happier than drawing or painting a picture of something that’s smiling back at me. Had I known who she was I might of been a little more nervous painting her sweet pup. But everything went well, and they both loved it. Always be and do your best in every situation but be who YOUR best is and not what you think someone else’s best is.

i was thrilled to find out she featured me and the portrait I did for her in KC Parent magazine this past August under the “ five things we love” section. A magazine that was my go to for my littles when we first moved to Kansas City! if you haven’t ever checked it out, there’s a ton of up to date info for the month. Activities, places to eat, free things to do, basically everything a parent needs to know.

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