2018 décor trends and how you can incorporate them


Its everywhere in home décor lately! While you don't need a large piece of art like this, it can be bookends, standing art accents, coasters or even peel and stick wall paper!


Its another biggie that's been around for a few years. Large furniture like couches, coffee tables, benches and head boards are beautiful and statement pieces but you don't have to go big. Just add pillows, throws , runners or even drapes if you dare.

Artisan lighting:

It can be a simple thing that ends up being classic. Anything from wood to metal to glass shapes that all look handmade and can fit into any style of home.

Tone on tone:

Light and darks of the same color palette is perfect with a pop of color. This picture shows a little bit of several styles that I like to call refabby chic or rustic glam. It is possible to mix styles and not spend outrageous amounts of money. Take the blue and violet out along with the chandelier and add cream in place of them with a wood or black metal light fixture and you have your farmhouse look!


Yes this is peel and stick wallpaper that is absolutely gorgeous! Its coming back to kitchen counters, flooring and décor accents all over in lots of colors.

I'm loving that its not just one style that's taking over, its a mix of classic, traditional, rustic and modern all together. So there's no excuse, go out there and put a new element in your home, it will be perfect, trust me!

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