New Year!

The new year, are you ready for this? Cue the music. So trying to come up with new things to make for my stores can be daunting, but I have found plenty of inspiration and a lot of it is just...looking around. Every mall, garden center, and craft store has the theme, you just have to notice enough of a common denominator to create your style. Color themes are a huge one. In my area I look for not only color but style, i.e. French - typically curves, slightly ornate and use of primary colors along with black and white. Farmhouse - rustic but with a modern vibe. Neutral colors, grey, black, white and brown with more clean edges than curves. Country- unfinished wood, or chippy paint finishes, brighter colors and more frilly fabrics. Modern - sharp, clean edges, bolder golds, silvers, coppers and neutral colors.

Even though farmhouse style is still big I'm leaning more towards French chic once again. Same game, different colors, oui, oui!!

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