For the Love of Pinterest

Lately, I've been perusing the Pinterest site, like millions of other people, and have discovered something. There is literally a market for anything and every thing you like AND there are tons of followers to things that aren't your taste. You just have to find your people. I've found I'm definitely drawn to a particular style. I really appreciate other styles, though they aren't my own. But I LOVE certain colors and styles, trending styles be DARNED! Go figure.

You don't have to go all out one way or the other though. All it really takes is the right color to bring it into today. If you like a more traditional look, just adding tones like gray, black or white to it will make it more on trend. I've found its really nice to blend styles than to be strictly one style. Don't you? Especially when you decorate on a budget like I do. Changing pictures, pillows or lamps are much easier and efficient to change than sofas and flooring. Decorating isn't supposed to stress you out, the important thing here is to HAVE FUN!!

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